BEFORE spending time, money, and your energy – consider the reality of the MSP vetting experience.

Market perception based on brand, trade shows, industry publications, awards, and references is not always a true reflection of reality. Many customers are unaware of the internal politics ‘behind the scenes.’

Remember… you don’t know what you don’t know.

An extensive portfolio of customer logos is also not necessarily positive. Where will your organization fall in the list of customers all expecting and thinking they are No 1 in the ‘pecking order?’ Perception and ‘sales talk’ are not always the

reality waiting to unfold post-implementation!

Does the MSP have resource capacity with experience to implement your

new program?

Do you really know all the details about the following points?


Audit Management

Client Team Turnover

Client Turnover

Conflict of Interest

Cost Management

Diversity Vendor Development

Escrow Financial Protection

Executive Turnover

Financial Controls

Financial Sustainability

Global Reality

Innovative Technology Partners

Legislative Compliance

Performance Management

Program Governance

Program Innovation Roadmap


Satisfaction – Client/Vendor/Contractor

Service Delivery

Service Delivery Capacity Plan

Stakeholder Engagement

Tax Compliance

Team Development

Vendor Financial Sustainability

Vendor Management System

Vendor Neutrality

Vendor Strategy

Always trust the unbiased truth of third-party independent analysis.