Since 1967, the Battleship game has been a favorite of kids around the world. The phrase “war for talent,” when applied to fierce market competition is the reality. Companies can die from fierce competition. What’s your plan?

MSP providers can deliver 80% direct hit rates using technology. How do staffing agencies compete? Job boards no longer provide the volume or quality candidates required to fill open orders (hits) and win the war for talent (sinking battleships). Real innovation engages data scientists who eliminate recruiter guess-work using AI and machine learning.

Some questions need answers BEFORE agencies continue spending money to generate new business which sometimes feeds the madness of unfilled orders. Skills required by clients keep changing (battleships keep moving), and the ability to make new placements (hits) will only happen if we turn our thinking and demand innovation.

Many industry leaders believe technology is the propulsion leading REAL INNOVATION. Technology will change how we source, recruit, reduce cost and increase margin.

Key questions:

1. What % of orders are UNFILLED or CANCELED?

2. What % of unfilled orders are disguised as “canceled”?

3. What is the annualised total margin lost because of unfilled orders?

Our GURUs combine innovative technology with a recruitment strategy to help our clients increase productivity, lower overhead cost, and WIN!