How much did your MSP charge vendors in the last year? The financial value is often substantial, and the long-standing argument that a third-party MSP can deliver a better program than an insourced model has ended.

VMS and cloud technology innovation partnered with the velocity of change in how companies recruit transformed the way we do business. Companies can now attract experienced MSP talent, increase vendor loyalty, engage directly with a VMS providing world-class analytics - all at a significantly reduced cost than the traditional MSP model.

MSP-GURU is ready to implement our strategic insourcing methodology and provide ongoing advisory services ensuring your program is a success.

When insourcing your contingent workforce MSP from an outsourced provider, the vendor fee reverts to you thus financing the resource team, the vendor management system (VMS), and so much more!

Imagine – funding for HR initiatives, cost-saving objectives… you decide.

For most companies, insourcing improves strategic workforceplanning. Why? The MSP becomes personal, ownership drives accountability.

For years, the MSP industry ‘hoopla’ (a.k.a. hype) has prejudiced sales messaging by creating significant doubt against insourcing.

Today, strategic industry partners minimize if not eliminate the ‘hoopla.’

MSP-GURU, without prejudice, understands your business is unique. Our team of industry GURUs joins your internal discussions to drive creative thinking, industry thought leadership, and guide the business case to approval.