Our experienced GURUS partner with you to develop a customised MSP business case that answers the questions of your executive team before they ask and getting to YES sooner than later.

Opportunity Cost:  Every day of delay costs an organisation tens of thousands in lost savings.

Together we build a business case that exceeds your company goals and objectives.


MSP GURU operates on every continent (except Antarctica - much too cold!), understands what is required, and more importantly, how to successfully take an MSP program or staffing firm global.

We begin with REAL PEOPLE, combined with cultural sensitivity and awareness that REAL FEELINGS are acceptable, and differences lead to REAL INNOVATION.


Reference INSIGHTS - Is global success possible? Yes, with the right provider.


We provide an objective third party, “MSP HEALTH CHECK” to ensure an authentic understanding

of the MSP’s current state.

WHY? A national or global MSP is often fragmented. A client must consider the reality of the MSP “ethics wall” (the historical and culturally insensitive - “Chinese wall”). Regardless of market brand separation, an MSP with a staffing entity sometimes struggles with conflicting internal priorities at the expense of the client and suppliers. Moreover, we believe decisions influenced by industry publications and “awards-for-pay”

can do an injustice to the MSP industry, their clients, and suppliers.


Do you know where your company falls on the MSP’s long list of clients expecting and thinking they are No. 1 in the ‘pecking order.’ Remember, a broad portfolio of familiar client logos is not always a sign of MSP success or good business practice. Sometimes it’s the MSP logo you don’t know that is more attentive; some might say more committed to your best interest… alternatively, another option is sometimes the best decision –

a hybrid or in-sourced MSP business model.


Times have changed. Labour has changed. Technology has changed. We must change!


Independent third-party audit services ensuring our client, their MSP and supply chain are compliant with commercial agreements for pricing, business insurance, labour legislation, and tax law.

Our analytical skills, along with our predictive insights, help our clients to act decisively on the issues that matter most.

Let's not forget General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IR35,

Agency Workers Regulations (AWR), SARBANES-OXLEY, and...


Remember, you don't know what you don't know!



We simplify your life by managing the proposal process for you!

We help you decide the best approach because MSP GURU understands the industry from all sides - the client buyer, the MSP, and supplier partners. The Request for Information (RFI) educates, and Request for Quote (RFQ) quantifies, and a Request for Proposal (RFP) compares.

Proposals keep most people up at night. You already have a 'day-job' and like most people limited capacity to absorb another project.


We can help!


Struggling with how to support the MSP industry is a common challenge.

Our approach in partnering with staffing firms is unique because our GURUS have worn both hats - the staffing firm and the MSP team. This intimate understanding enables our GURUS to create a strategic plan that raises awareness of your market differentiators (what makes you unique!) and why the MSP and their client should engage your services.



Whether you are an MSP in need of support resources or a staffing firm starting your MSP solution and require guidance - we bring structure to the MSP implementation process.

Using PRINCE2 methodology (PRojects IN Controlled Environments, 2nd edition), we divide projects into manageable and controllable stages.

Our GURUS understand the MSP and recruitment industry and have real-life experience in delivering successful implementations

Our implementation projects have taken us from Canada, across the big pond to EMEA, onward to Asia, then down-under with our Australian mates, and back across the Pacific

to the United States. Truly full circle.

Happy clients, suppliers, and workers.


Knowing which MSP model is right for your organisation requires a clear understanding of the options. The traditional model is 20 years old, and new, strategic models delivering new process and technology innovation are quickly taking over.

Why the change? Lack of REAL INNOVATION.

Variations of the hybrid model combine the best of in/out-sourcing with the portability of people skills and technology rarely experienced in the history of our industry

We set up the MSP program for you.

We hire. We train. We develop.

We then transition these MSP experts to you!


Data fact vs. fiction? Are you and your team getting meaningful information from the vendor management system (VMS) and your MSP?


Are you sure? Remember, you don't know what you don't know.


Our GURU GEEKS AND WIZARDS (a.k.a. data scientists) analyse current reporting by comparing VMS data, internal client employee data, and external labour market data to provide recommendations for meaningful analytics moving forward.


 You must have have data integrity (truth in reporting) - required for

strategic workforce planning.


PS: If your program Quarterly Business Review (QBR) only looks at what's already happened -

you have a severe problem.


When considering technology, we work with you to create a customised evaluation that optimises performance and budget, enables growth, and yes, increases profits - a.k.a. REAL INNOVATION. 

Let us weed through the tech-terminology, functionality, integrations, and the likes to ensure what you see is what you get!

We begin by identifying your needs. We then issue a combined Request for Information (RFI) and Request for Proposal (RFP) - understanding system functionality, creative alternatives, and the customer service experience of the sales journey.

We invite the short-list to provide a pricing quotation and deliver a demo - where our GURUS ask tough questions - removing any smoke-and-mirrors.

We only invite technology providers to present to our clients after our team completes the vetting process. We optimise your time. Happy clients!



Get in touch and let's get started. 




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